Chapter 2: Simplified Inputs List (SIL)

Now that you have learned to extract information from the Blockchain, you will notice that some of this information can be very complex.

This spell will help you distil the necessary knowledge from that information into a more useable format: an ordered list of address-value pairs.

Each address in this list will only appear once in the order of the blockheight of their first transaction to the specified address. For transactions within the same block, the transactionhash determines the order instead of the order in that block. This is because that would make this spell a lot more complicated: instead of only requiring knowledge of the complete history of a single address, it would also require knowledge of all blocks contain transactions to that address. Note that because of this, it is possible that an address appears in the list before an other address that sent earlier in the same block. It is an annoying little side effect, but necessary to achieve an unambiguous result.

Optionally a blockheight can be specified to request the state of the SIL at that moment in time.

One important note should be made clear to anyone who wishes to use the effects of this spell: It is not only important how much bitcoin was sent, but equally important from which address it was sent. If the same entity sends bitcoin on multiple occasions, those values are added together, but only if the transactions have the same Prime Input Address.

Keep in mind that these addresses are intended to be reused frequently and that the private keys should be under full control of the user. For this reason I would recommend using vanity addresses as much as possible.

Get Simplified Inputs List
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