API documentation
Simplified Inputs List (SIL)

Returns an ordered list of address-value pairs.

The addresses are the PrimeInputAddresses of all transactions sent to this address, ordered first by blockheight, then transactionhash. The value is the total amount of Satoshis sent by that PrimeInputAddress at the moment of the specified blockheight.

Name Required Type Description
format yes string Format of the results, should be “json”
address yes string A bitcoin address
block no integer A block height, if omitted the latest blockheight is used.
Return values:
Name Type Description
success integer 1 = success, 0 = fail
SIL array ordered list of address-value pairs
error string error message in case something went wrong
Return example:
    "success": 1,
    "SIL":  [[u'1Robbk6PuJst6ot6ay2DcVugv8nxfJh5y', 100000],
             [u'1SansacmMr38bdzGkzruDVajEsZuiZHx9', 100000],
             [u'1AryaZJnXcMxJua4CpKaNUNRxbu7tmZSf1', 150000],
             [u'1Branzwx1RceFrHsjSQK1sHzyeRB7BMoWT', 300000],
             [u'1Jon1mTMWTwv4bYZy8ZaCHEvjGGXUmMD1X', 60000],
             [u'1Jon2kyK579Wh1rvPzQvrQkJ64xzAFb2fn', 280000]]